The French have their crap together. Racing starts this weekend.


Our national season opens early this year, but don’t worry it’s a shiny spring weather that is announced for the weekend in Levens : Nice’s hinterland for the first of the 5 rounds.Thanks to Florian Nicolaï : the local prodigy who will ride as the pathfinder on his daily playground, and his precious piece of advice; Alex Balaud has prepared a sturdy program for the weekend with no less than 5 stages.

Let’s take a look on the registered riders’ list with some great names dropping into the game. First of all, on womens’ side, starting with the best French riders, you will compete against Cecile Ravanel and Isabeau Courdurier. The titleholder Morganne Jonnier should not race after her recent injury. But Morgane Such, Julie Duvert or Axelle Murigneux will, for sure, fight for the podium.

The leading male riders such as Ludovic Oget, Nicolas Quéré, Irénée Menjou, Camille Servant, Baptiste Gaillot and Clément Benoit will all be there and probably, it might be one of them who will earn the title this year. But in Levens, the challenge will be tough as they will compete against Thomas Lapeyrie, Dimitri Tordo, José Borges, Alex Cure or Cedric Ravanel.

The E-MTB Enduro Trophy by Alltricks is now 3 year old and shows a highly qualitative and numerous riders’ list. More than 30 competitors will take part in this challenge in parallel to the French Cup, some of them being known to you since decades.Juge by yourself : Sabrina Jonnier ( titleholder ), Nicolas Vouilloz, Olivier Giordanengo ( title holder), Karim Amour, Florian Golay, François Dolla, Laurent Sollier or Medhi Gabrillargues.

An easy access to some key spots is granted so all the spectators are invited to support the riders on the trails.There’s only a small amount of 30 entries remaining so if you’d like to register it’s now or never, gates closing at 8pm. A great opportunity to ride a splendid enduro and know your national ranking level. The president Christian Seguin and his team are committed to make this first round unforgettable no matter what.