Singletrack 6 2018. Day 2.


Well, that was fun! A shorter day with an amazing climb and an insane rip down an old DH track, mountain biking, that's what is happening at Singletrack 6 right now.

The day started up a brand-new memorial trail called Schacher. Switchback after switchback, so well built you could accelerate out of the berms and get propelled up the climb. Schacher is in a nice shaded forest and takes you up to the top of the mountain 7 trail network. The race didn't go all the way to the top but it gave the riders a good taste to lure them to come back for more. Cory Wallace lead the big climb with Justin Lindine right on his wheel.

After the 11km climb we dropped into Erich's trail and then into the timed descent half way down the legendary Mount 7 Psychosis track. Roots, rocks and high-speed rowdiness took us to the bottom of the valley and then back into the lush Mountain Shadows trail network weaving and winding back to the finish downtown. It looked like the 4km descent shook up the front of the pack and the skilled descenders came into the finish area ahead of the top riders from yesterday.

Being a shorter day, an error could cost a lot and the results show that there were less gaps in the times on this stage. Smooth and steady got Tomi Misser across the line first with Alex McGuninnis and Justin Lindine right behind him. Another win on the timed descent got Evan Guthrie across the finish line in 3rd on the stage. Jenna Greaser stayed out in front in the open women's race not only on the stage but in the timed descent but the Mical Dyck and Elyse Nieuwold were very close behind.

Lots of smiles at the finish line today and the Denmark team Kresten and Stephan are ready for anything ST6 can throw at them. The Rainbow Farts were giggling like school girls and I'm sure FSA will sell a few wheel sets.

Onward and upward literally as we start the Santa Cruz stage 3 up at Kicking Horse resort with a gondola ride into the alpine. If the cool mountain air doesn't wake everybody up the steep climb to more gnarly descending should.