Red Bull District Ride coming to Nuremberg's old town.


Since the announcement of another edition of Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg, the world's greatest freeriders are biting their nails, eagerly waiting for the course details. Now, chief-designer Aaron Chase has announced the course overview. On 6 September, a fresh course with five districts, packed with brand new features guarantees to make Red Bull District Ride 2014 the most spectacular edition yet. The titles of the five districts are pretty self-explanatory: Castle Drop, GoPro Upside Down, Amarok Four Pack, PiCK UP! Street Cannon and Big Air. "The track is shorter but has much more flow between the districts. Each one is unique and each one will be mind-blowing in its own right", says Aaron Chase. An impressive 3D animation of a camera flight view over the old town and the whole track gives you a taste of what to expect: .

As you can probably guess, the diversity of the course will keep the riders and spectators on their toes the whole way down. Straight from the start at the "Castle Drop District", riders will drop in of an eight meters (26 feet) drop from the "Kaiserburgmauer". Guts and precision may be claimed to sending it big and scoring valuable points on this massive feature. The next obstacle, the quarterpipe, has already starred in previous Red Bull District Ride contests but this year it will be improved to allow even more whacky trick combos.

The "GoPro Upside Down District" will literally spin the riders upside down. Starting with a huge step down over several steps, the course leads straight to the "Durer Memorial", where an open loop bowl awaits. This combination of an open loop and a bowl is a challenging contest rarity and will require a lot of courage and creativity from all riders.

The "Amarok Four Pack District" is all about flow: Speed is key to get the airtime needed in this dirt jump section. Situated at the "Seebalder Platz" and separated by a giant curved wallride, two large dirt jumps will give the riders enough airtime to send some of their biggest tricks.

At the "PiCK UP! Street Cannon District" the riders will fly over a hip-jump, the so-called "street cannon". After a step up, this urban cannon feature will give them an opportunity to throw down their street tricks over a flight of stairs before rolling on to the final Big Air District on the city square.

For the grand finale riders will get a short breather as they catch an elevator back up to the fourth floor of the town hall. What awaits them is the biggest, most spectacular feature on the course. Cameras will be armed, loaded and pointing straight at the jump that is reaching up to 15 meters (49 feet). Dropping in the riders will pick up enough speed to hit the two jumps and pull off their biggest tricks. Needless to say, this section is called the "Big Air District". The cheers of 55.000 spectators will electrify the atmosphere on the town hall square.

But it's not enough to go big at the end at Red Bull District Ride. Athletes will have to give everything they have throughout all five districts to land a spot on the podium of this FMB Diamond Series event. "The course is extremely challenging and combines various disciplines. All-round qualities are definitely in demand!" says Peter Henke, Germany's best MTB slopestyle rider.

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About Red Bull District Ride:


After four editions in 2005, 2006 and 2011 in Nuremberg/Germany as well as in Catania/Italy (2006), Red Bull District Ride has gained the reputation of a legendary event. The top mountain bike athletes gather to compete at a unique urban setting and entertain thousands of spectators with their tricks.