Northwave athletes at National Champs


It was a weekend full of success and titles for Northwave's cross country riders, taking part to their respective National Championships on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of July. First in time was Spaniard Juan Antonio Hermida, who earned the eight National title of his career in front of Carlos Colona wearing his Extreme Tech MTB Plus shoes.

Another veteran, Gunn-Rita Dahle (Multivan Merida), lived up to the expectation by taking the Norwegian title, while Team Ghost's Elisabeth Osl claimed the top spot at the Austrian Championships.

In addition, four more Northwave athletes came just a step away from the National Champion's jersey: Manuel Fumic and Sabine Spitz closed 2nd in their respective series at the German Championships, Team Ghost's Alexandra Engen and Team Haibike's Kathrin Stirnemann took silver medals at the Swedish and Swiss women's Championships respectively.

FRM Factory Team's Andrea Tiberi claimed the bronze medal at the Italian National Championships, in Gorizia (Northern Italy), behind winner Luca Braidot and Gerhard Kerschbaumer. Italian prospect Alessandro Nespi (Merida Italia) wore the Tricolore National jersey in the Junior series, beating another Northwave athlete – Moreno Pellizzon. Northwave definitely got cards to play for the foreseeable future!