Get your enduro freak on in Whistler.


North American Enduro Tour

GO Enduro is the first stop on the 2015 North American Enduro Tour, a 9-stop tour that showcases some of the best athletes in the world, while maintaining a ranking structure highlighting this ever-growing mountain bike discipline. NAED strives to provide the best experience possible for junior and amateur athletes, in the hopes of increasing the talent pool of North American all-mountain riders.




Male: Open, Junior (13-18) and Masters (30+)
Female: Open, Junior (13-18)

Format and Rules

  • Category winners will be determined by the combined time of all downhill race stages. Transition stages are not timed.
  • Racers will be started on a first come first served basis.
  • Full face helmets are mandatory for all downhill sections of the race, and a helmet must be worn at all times
  • Elbow, knee and back protection strongly recommended, but not mandatory.
  • No outside assistance or support is permitted once the race has started.
  • Courses will be marked with flagging tape. Races are required to follow the designated routes – any deviation, intentional or not, from the designated course will result in a DQ.
  • Riders have to cross the finish line with their bike.

Course Description

The 2015 GO Enduro will feature four timed stages, with the first three stages taking place in and around Whistler Valley and the final stage held in Whistler Mountain Bike Park.

Prize Money

To be announced