French Enduro Cup in Val d’Allos goes to: Jonnier and Nicolai


For its 15th edition, the Val d’Allos Tribe 10 000 went back to the roots with a real 10 000 meters descent combined on two days and a mechanical lift for the climbs. From the top of the ski and mtb domain - Le Gros Tapy at Allos’s Seignus, the 370 lucky riders went down the legendary long, technical an physical stages as tiring than marvelous that made the Tribe race first of its kind and from now sacred as mythical.

The cool atmosphere, sunbath, fresh beer, paella & fireworks would almost let you forget about the big sport battle that happened on the slopes of the Seignus.
As a small ( or big - who knows ? ) marker of the enduro mtb history ( only the futur will let us know ) it’s the e-bike challengers that swiped almost all of the stages best times in the scratch excepted one - thanks to Camille Servant. Some top elite world know riders like Cure, Claquin or the well experienced Giordanengo where here to show some skill and surprised everyone winning almost all of the stages on this e-bike unfriendly ground. In front of them stood some top ews riders like Nicolaï, Borges that gave their best to be the first.

All of this means nothing because they were separated in different categories but people were talking and talking much in order to analyse the results that attracted a lot of attention on this edition.

On the official side of the race, in what relates to the 3rd round of the French Cup, it’s the portuguese rider Jose Borges that managed well his race before braking his chain on the 2nd run of stage 3 on sunday and letting Flo Nicolaï pass in front of him. Solid race for Nico Queré, the italian Nicolas Casadei and Baptiste Gaillot that stepped on the podium.
The unfortunate Camille Servant and Ludovic Oget lost almost everything during this round since the begining of stage 1 after a flat tire and a heavy crash. Ludo needs some rest, but we wish him to come back stronger.

On ladies side, Morgane Jonnier is coming back after a bad season start with an injury while her sister Sabrina swiped the e-bike category by wining this season’s title of the Trophee VTT-AE enduro by Alltricks. Olivier Giordanengo also wins the overall again.

‘ And thanks again for this 15th Tribe 10 000 ! It’s when you go to sleep at night that you realize what you’ve been through. Thanks to Fred, Sylvain and the whole team of organizers for these real moments of enduro mtb. ‘ - Quote from François Dola after riding the TRIBE 10000 - an expert’s opinion who raced all over the world. The spirit of the race was also here incarnated by Marc Bosca - a challenger that run all of the 15 editions, congrats to him and to all of the finishers.

Legendary and professional riders with an impressive history that share the same trails during the weekend with some amateurs in a peaceful atmosphere - this is enduro and this is what we call the Tribe 10 000.

The next stop is set in the middle of July in Samoëns and then heading straight to les Orres for the 4th round and the final of the Enduro Series French Cup by Parts 8.3.