Crankworx has today announced the addition of a summer race series taking place at two iconic Canadian destinations this year.

The Crankworx Summer Series brings Crankworx-caliber racing, with a grassroots vibe, to destinations outside the World Tour. Last year it brought Crankworx racing to some riding locales on the South Island of New Zealand. This year, the action will be coming to Canada’s West and East: SilverStar Bike Park in British Columbia and Quebec City, Quebec.

“We first ran races under the name ‘Summer Series’ during the pandemic,” explains Crankworx’s Managing Director Darren Kinnaird. “They were the same level of racing that we are used to, but because we couldn’t include all the elements of a World Tour at the time, they had a very distinct vibe to them: fast racing and summer good times. Since then, we’ve taken this idea of ‘Crankworx-caliber racing with a grassroots vibe’ and run with it. Our Summer Series in New Zealand in December was epic and brought out an amazing mix of fast racers with some local talent that blew us away. It’s also become an amazing way to share these great riding destinations with our fans. So given that Canada is our home base, we are beyond stoked to be bringing the Summer Series to these two great destinations this year.”

Crankworx Summer Series Canada festivals will include all levels of racing across multiple disciplines, plus exciting festival activations, gear demos, and family friendly activities.