50to01 seem to like the Pike.


We slapped and shaped it until it was ripe. Friends once from different areas and different backgrounds - on a path now brotherly, enjoying sinking their teeth into this fruit of their labour together…

lost in the rhythm of repetition, the fruit will drive you crazy - heavily invested in this space physically and mentally, the feeling of disconnection in this fruit bowl is a special thing: you, your bike, your friends… swimming in fruit. The bowl contains flavours that won’t let you go, succulent and the sweetest - if it was any sweeter, we’d have no teeth. A heartfelt thank you to the whole Revolution bike park crew for being with us since day 1 - let’s continue growing fruit together, its so fun to share. James, Baz, Danny and Dave - what you’ve created has had a sublime effect on us all. Anyone who lays eyes on the line is left speechless, the way it ribbons it’s way through the quarry is a thing of beauty and an honour to have being involved. It’s people like this that our sport has to thank for it’s growth and expansion behind the scenes in the right places. Thanks to Alex for his passion throughout the shoot, shooting with the guru will always be a pleasure. Thanks to Sven for making it out to Wales to shoot with us, was awesome to see you away from the tape. Thanks finally to RockShox for entrusting our crew with this shoot, it means a lot. We hope you enjoy the video, remember to eat your fruit.

Music: Need for mirrors.