Who wouldn’t want to be the person up there who controls the weather? For trials bike and mountain bike star Danny MacAskill, this dream becomes reality in his newest clip.

To begin with, Danny creates some black ice to perform a rather unusual rotation. Catching a break in the thunderstorm or creating a blizzard to entertain the kids – Danny couldn’t be happier with his new app. Before enjoying himself on some fun Scottish singletrails, he easily masters a climb due to some handy helping tailwinds. Having to load up the dirty bike in his car afterwards, Danny calls in some more help in the form of some rain.

Unfortunately, neither Danny nor Eberspächer are able to control the weather. As a Scot, Danny rides his bike in all kinds of weather, so a dream came true anyway: “Since I was a child I’ve been used to riding my bike in any weather – with the right equipment, there is no bad weather. With this video project I entered uncharted territory. With lots of special effects, I magically created ice, storms and snow as well as nice sunny weather. Controlling the elements was great and secretly I sometimes wish that I was able to really influence the weather out on the trails.”