Nino Schurter pulls back the curtain of the fitness routines of a World Champion in a fresh series of tutorial videos. EP. 4 provides the game-plan for strength and explosiveness. The new episode is live now!

Pushing your bike into tight corners, forcing it out to meet aggressive lines as well as bumping over the biggest roots, obstacles and rocks can be extremely tiring and demanding to a rider's physique. Full body workouts are essential and therefore part of the mix to a champion's fitness. Maintain your strength and explosiveness with the world champion as Nino Schurter welcomes us back into the gym for a strength training session.

No gain without pain, the gloves are off! Are you able to handle it? The right warm up, squats, box jumps, you name it, the World Champ gives you tips for getting FITTER, FASTER, and STRONGER.

"The gym circuit training I showed in a previous episode is for general fitness, now I want to show you a cycling specific workout to get more powerful and more economic on the bike. Heavy lifting directly correlates to endurance performance markers such as time-to-exhaustion, by increasing muscle economy. In a build up period I do weightlifting 2-3 times per week."