Get ready to enter a new dimension of colors, smells and sensations. El Hierro is the youngest island and also the smallest of the Canarian archipelago. Everything in it is more authentic, deeper ... more wild. Of course, mountain biking is also more exciting when you practice it in such an extremely special environment as this special island is.


Undoubtedly El Hierro meets all the requirements to be one of the bikers paradises on an international level. A network of trails throughout the island, different and varied terrains. Good weather, sea, mountains, good cuisine, friendly people ... what more could you want to enjoy the two wheels.

Unique colors and textures. Endless terrain to explore.

Pine forests where green, brown and black are mixed. I don´t know why but the black zone reminded me of a chocolate cake.

El Charco Azul is a great tourist attraction. A relaxation and bathroom area that you can not miss.

Trail of La Llanía, an authentic fairy forest where you can enjoy and get lost.

l Brezal, a humid and dense forest, leads to roads populated by ferns that lead to softer and bare lands.

El Tamaduste, La piscina natural es uno de los lugares privilegiados del litoral herreño. Perfectamente acondicionada para el baño, al fondo está la cueva de las barcas, un refugio en seco para las pequeñas embarcaciones.

Tras un emocionante viaje por El Hierro siempre es recomendable lavar a fondo tu bicicleta.