The first part is about French Champs with maybe the most technical track the team has had to ride this year!

Myriam Nicole had to fight to defend her title at the same time as staying focused on her training. Watch the video to see how she dealt with the stress of the competition!

Unfortunately, this was the same weekend that George Brannigan broke his collarbone in a crash. You might wonder why was he racing French Champs? George wasn't actually racing because he's a Kiwi, but he was allowed to ride as a course opener to get some extra practice in a race situation. A bad landing stopped his season in one fell swoop.

The team then flew to Quebec for the 6th round of the World Cup! The track was faster than ever, and its famous rock gardens make it one of the toughest tracks of the year! Myriam Nicole went there with the simple goal of just doing enough to stay first overall, due to not even making finals because of injuries sustained during practice twice in the last three years. It's always difficult to race a track when all you have is bad memories!

Thankfully, everything went well, she won the qualifying and finished second in finals. It's always a pleasure to see her staying positive and smiling even when the pressure is high!

Now, we're almost at the end of the season with only one World Cup left! Will Pompon keep her leader jersey until the end? Stay tuned!