David Cachon goes to Ibiza.

Techno, party & bikes

It is not the first time I visit this island, the truth is that it is already the eighth time that I do. He had never worried me in tracing the origin of this movement. What has this piece of land that magnetizes everyone who comes ?. He was determined to find out more about the island that has brightened the lives of many celebrities and has been a major hippie mecca of history. Of course we also set out to find some of the best cycling spots where not everything was going to be messing around.


Oh Snap, Garbonzo opens this weekend.

Hard work from the Trail Crew and a stretch of warm temperatures will allow Garbanzo Zone to open one full week ahead of schedule, this Saturday, June 13. Access to the zone will be via the Whistler Village Gondola only. Una Moss and Whiskey Jack will be the available trails from the top of the Gondola. The Garbanzo Express chairlift is slated to open as scheduled, the following Saturday, June 20.


Trail Report: Golden Boner

I just finished a lap down Golden Boner to Roam in the Loam, then Blackcomb Corners.

The trail is in great shape, with some work being recently done to the access road taking out some of the rutty loose bits that happen from all the ATV's that drive up the road.

Trail Report: Lost Lake Trails

All of the trails in Lost Lake are now clear.  Most of the winter deadfall has been removed with one or two pieces still out in the way, but sure to be gone soon. 

The trails are in great shape, flowing very well with a couple small puddles in the usual spots.  Traffic was heavy yesterday, so plan your ride in them accordingly as mid day is always the busiest time. 

Pemberton Trail Report: April 8th.

While Whistler is still somewhat covered in a rapidly receding snowline Pemberton has been looking pretty good for a couple weeks.

The trails at the south end of the gravel pit are clear, starting with Happy Trail to Upper/Lower Indy, Blood Sweat & Fear, Creampuff & Gumpy Grouse. Basically everything that has some eastern exposure has melted and cleared out.

The upper trails are coming, but watch for deadfall. Gravitron and PHD (to the south) are coming but still have too much snow coverage, leave them alone for a couple weeks.