Bontrager Evoke Fall Riding Gear.

The fall can be a dismal time for riding, especially in the Pacific North West.  Grey, relentlessly wet, mucky trails and the feeling that you might never get warm again. Then the clouds part, the snowcovered peaks sneak into view and it warms up ever so slightly, all signs that we still can sneak in one more ride.

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Nov 13, 2015

When I buy riding gear, i tend to move towards the freeride section of the store. Durability & function are the starting blocks that I use to search for new gear. It hasn't always been that way though. But back before kids, I had a pair of shorts that leaned more towards the xc end of the spectrum, but a lack of judgement of my ability caused those shorts to end up as shreds of fabric on the trailside on Captain Safety in the Garbonzo zone. Nothing like riding down to the village with your...

Frankly I hadn't come across Bontrager clothing before a couple months ago. I had no idea that they were producing anything other than bits for bikes and have been doing it for over five years.  So not being something that had been on my radar it was a sweet surprise to meet the Lithos short & Rhythm shirt.  

I'm a bit skeptical when bike companies stray outside of frames and dabble in soft goods. Sometimes it feels like they are just trying to make an extra sale to someone that doesn't really know what they are buying and want something that matches their bike. Not to mention that there have been many companies that have tried to make the the transition and have failed. If you haven't noticed, Specialized has their hands in almost aspect of biking, and in all honesty, they aren't too shabby at...

The Boomslang pedals are a completely new pedal designed by Jason Chamberland at Specialized head office in Morgan Hill, CA. Immediately you can see that they are thinner than the average pedal and feature a unique design. At their thinest point they come in at 10mm, which makes it one of, if not the thinest flat pedal on the market.  

Neatly stashed away in the Norco line up is the Fluid series. With 120mm of travel, the Fluid falls right in the trail riding segment. Available in either 29" (9 series) or 27.5" (7 series) with geometry specific to each wheel size, the Fluid is meant to be ridden hard and put away wet.

Years ago I got my first floor pump. I hadn't gone into the store looking for one. But it was one of those things that I had been thinking about, but hadn't pulled the trigger on yet. It sat in my garage, squirrelled away in the corner cabinet, used occasionally, but more forgotten than used. In the age of tubeless tires, i had found it was way easier to seat the bead using a compressor and just blasting it with air.

What weights 390 grams, has 25 vents and carries two certifications? The Super was designed to be a helmet that was cool and light enough to be worn on long XC rides, but tough enough to handle crashes at higher speeds. The design of the helmet has really been aimed at the Enduro crowd: extra vents, removable visor and the ability to fit goggles on the helmet. All of which are really pulling in that direction.  

If you are serious about training, you already have a heart rate montior. Even if you aren't training for some event, chances are that you have at least heard about a heart rate monitor.

Towards the end of the summer I got my hands on one of Sun Ringlé's newest wheel sets, the Charger Pro SL. Previously I have had the Charger Expert wheels and they lasted me a good length of time, so I was looking forward to the new Pro SL.

One look at the Giro website and you can see that they have had their hands full designing shoes for cyclists. With over 20 models just in road shoes, it seems that Giro has been busy building up the line over the last few years.  

The Specialized Dissident helmet has a strong pedigree. The design was lead by Bob Lakes, who's work you have seen in previous designs for Easton Bell Sports (Giro) as the Bell Star & the Bell Moto 9. With over twenty years of experience in helmet design, you know that he put all of those years of experience into this new design for Specialized.