Riding in the fall can suck sometimes. Especially when the temps start to drop towards single digits and the wind picks up. Trying to keep the riding season going for a couple more weeks until the snow arrives I picked up a Launch Thermal Jersey.

Made from Thermal fleece and featuring subtle, sublimated graphics on the body panels, overall the jersey is pretty nice. All jerseys should have v-necks and the Launch Thermal doesn’t disappoint.

When temperatures drop close to 12ºc, I found that the jersey was warm enough to wear riding, but worked very well when i paired it with a wind breaking jacket over top of it. It just needed something to keep the cold wind out.

The sleeves have a fleece cuff which have a nice feel to them and keeps them from moving around too much on you. Length of the jersey is average with other jerseys that I have, in that it stayed tucked in while riding around.

Website: http://www.pearlizumi.com
Price: $79 USD