The Dissent tires are a brand new offering from WTB that came out at the start of the 2007 season and they have the pedigree to be a great set of tires. 

The Dissent is available only in a 2.5” width but two different trim levels, the Team DH weighing in at 1379g with a steel bead, super duty casing and high grip dna rubber and the lighter Race version (1057g) that has a lightweight casing, an Aramid bead and dna rubber.

Tires should be like riding shorts.  You should have a set for all types of riding.   It is amazing how little thought people put into their tires.  Watching people cheap out on tires could be one of the worst things that I have had to witness, with only a couple of square inches of rubber being the contact point between you and the ground it really makes a big difference to have good tires and fresh tires.

WTB Dissent tire tread.

So it was with excitement that I put on a set of Team DH Dissent onto my trusty DH rig and set forth to the bike park to see how the tires would stand up to some laps in the park.    Park riding requires a tire that can roll fast and still be able to dip into the mucky stuff once in a while. When I would drop into into the sloppy bits at the end of Sidetrack or on In Deep I found that the tread wouldn’t clean itself out very well. This is due to the tread pattern being relatively closed.  But on the opposite side the closed pattern makes this a very fast tire when the conditions are dry and hard packed.  Kind of like Whistler should be like in the middle of summer.

After a couple of day’s worth of riding I had just managed to wear off the casting nubs, which was interesting since the high grip dna rubber has a durometer rating of 40.  The aggressive square radius profile did well in the corners and kept me upright on the straights without having to adjust my riding style. In dusty corners they held the line without any drift, which was a pleasant surprise. 

Opinion: Long lasting, fast rolling tire that is a great hard pack Whistler tire.

WTB Dissent Tires.
Sizes: 26”x2.5, Team DH or Race versions.
Colours: Black
Plus: Durable, fast rolling, good cornering tires that fair the best in warm hard pack conditions.
Minus: Not the best mucky riding tire. Would love to see a 2.35” for rear.
MSRP: Team DH $55 / Race $50
Website: http://www.wtb.com/products/tires/dhfr/dissent/

Rating: 4/5