Years ago when I first started skateboarding, knee pads were the size of small countries. I still have a pair of Pro Designed pads while designed for vert, are large enough that my cat can hide inside them. Those days, designers followed the mantra that more is better.

But gone are the days of big bulky knee & elbow pads. The new crop of space age materials has rendered the pads down to thin, slip on pads that is the skinny cousin of the pads from years past.

The body of the Airflex line are sewn together from MoistureCool fabric with single AirMesh strip down the back of the pads.  Both the knees & elbows feature a circular hole cut out of AirMesh on the back panel to prevent the bulky feel when you bend your arms & legs, making them way less noticable than other brands.

Printed around the top cuffs on the knee's & elbows are a custom silicon gripper that is designed to hold the piece firmly in place, similar to the type that is put on goggle straps.  Both of them also feature additional a silicon print on the inside of the pad where the Patella & Humerus sit. 

On the knee pads there is additional padding on both sides and above the main armourgel, both of them are low profile, and don't seem to get in the way while peddaling around and offer some extra protection against hitting your frame etc.

The Armourgel is still my favourite armour protection. Easily pliable enough to fit comfortably during rides, but strong enough on impact to make a difference during a fall.


Leatt Airflex Knee Pads.

Weight: 300g /pair

Price: $79 /usd

Website: www.leatt.com


Leatt Airflex Elbow Pads.

Weight: 240g /pair

Price: $59 /usd

Website: www.leatt.com