Another cycling superstar has joined the Northwave family: Cedric Gracia is not only an extraordinary athlete in offroad's disciplines on the World stage, in Downhill and now in Enduro, but also represents an exceptional icon thanks to the unconventional style that made him so popular among thousands and thousands of fans all over the World.



In 2015 season, the French biker will be equipped by Northwave with brand-new Spider Plus 2 shoes, part of the 2015 All-Mountain range and characterized by the exclusive X-Crossbow Michelin soles, designed in close cooperation with the French tires' company and firs unveiled in Eurobike Friedrichschafen (Germany) in August 2014.


Northwave Spider Plus' design and technology at the feet of the most unconventional rider in the offroad "circus", Cedric Gracia: maybe this partnership was written in the destiny of two realities who have both reached the top by relying on the same values - passion, constant improvement and a unique way of communicating it – as well as themselves.

Northwave's Owner and Founder Gianni Piva has opened his company's doors to many World-Class athletes over more than 20 years, and knows exactly what Cedric Gracia's landing means: "I'm confident that this partnership will mark an important phase of our history, as it happened with Mario Cipollini and Paola Pezzo, among others. Our brand and mood have always matched in great fashion with athletes with strong personalities and kind of 'crazy' – in a good way, of course. As a matter of fact, people called ourselves crazy when we first introduced a pair of shoes of two different colors! Cedric has had an incredible career so far, and we expect him to add over to it with Spider Plus 2, a unique product in its class. I can't wait to see where this partnership will lead us".


"It's a big pleasure to join the big Northwave family", Cedric Gracia said. – "The brand's history is plenty of successful partnerships with top-riders like Cipo (Mario Cipollini) and Missy (Giove), as well as Fontana and my friend José Hermida nowadays: those guys are killing it and definitely have something special into them! Thanks to the Northwave crew – when a match is perfect, I guess team work will pay off even better!"