Production Privee, the bicycle and component maker from Andorra, have announced today they will offer a limited number of their Mini CG Balance Bikes to US customers.The bikes will be offered consumer direct via the newly launched US website and fulfilled from their US warehouse to facilitate timely and cost effective shipping.



The limited run is indeed a "private production" aimed at gauging interest in the market for this top-of-the-line balance bike that is built with pneumatic tires for comfort and traction, forged 4-bolt stem, wider bars and a unique standing/coasting platform that enables the rider to build a stronger connection with balancing the bike before they're ready for pedals.
The Mini CG was specially designed to fit the developmental needs of young riders.The handle bar grips are two different colors to indicate left and right hand placement. Comfort was also taken into consideration with a cushy seat that keeps little bums safe when going over bumps in the road.A cool feature is the dropout that doubles as a convenient bottle opener that most dads will appreciate.
Another awesome feature is the capability to install disc brakes. Parents will appreciate the opportunity for their child to sharpen hand eye coordination skills by using the brake lever. It comes in handy as an additional safety feature not offered in most balance bikes.
Adventure abounds when a toddler hops aboard the Mini CG.Thanks to the bike's grown-up looks, even the smallest riders will enjoy the feeling of being a 'big kid' while aboard the Mini CG. Made of durable and high quality materials, the bike is able to withstand just about all the wear and tear thrown its way, making it a sound investment. Not only is this the coolest looking bike in the category, it's also the highest performance for the budding shredder.
Two colors will be offered at the start, the Yellow/Blue "Macaw" colorway and the Porsche 917 colorway.The initial private production of bikes will be offered at $229 and will be shipped direct to consumer.