"Having spent a good few days testing and having fun with Transition, it has been so refreshing to see how passionate and involved they are with our sport. I strongly believe that FMD and Transition are an amazing match and together can make big steps in the right direction. They are eager to help us develop as a team and do anything they can to help, which is such a positive feeling going into the season. Let the journey begin!"

- Tahnée Seagrave / Transition Factory Racing



"2011 was the last year a Transition Factory supported team competed in the World Cup circuit. And I am absolutely psyched to have these guys representing us and how our partnership has come together. From the first instant I spoke with Tony, it was apparent to me how parallel our motives and expectations were. Having just returned from a week in Wales working with the full team, I'm amazed and inspired by their passion for racing and all things related. It already feels like they're an extension of the Transition family.

Being able to work so closely with their mechanics on their race bikes and assure they have absolutely everything they need for success was invaluable. Working directly with the mechanics and athletes is as streamlined as it gets. There are so many nuances involved with equipment and race-craft at this level, and being able to tap into my racing and inner bike geek eliminates all communication barriers as we're speaking the same language. I have no doubt it is going to be an exciting year and I can't wait to see what they're going to do on the TR500!"

-Lars Sternberg / Transition Bikes

"For the first time in FMD Racing's history, we have been able to work closely with our main sponsor - Myself, the mechanics & riders have just had Lars spend a week at 'FMD Towers'. He was able to visit MoJo whilst the mechanics and riders were setting up their TR500's with their new Fox suspension and was also on hand to advise and assist at testing the following day... Lars' input has been, and will continue to be, invaluable. We also found out he sucks at karting!

We are so stoked to be part of the Transition family - the whole FMD team wanted to partner with a company that believes in what we are doing and where we are going. After speaking to several companies, there was one company who's enthusiasm stood out, a mutual respect followed and a new 'bromance' was formed. This partnership allows us to continue our development of young riders so we can ensure there is a proper structure that gives the correct support and opportunities.

Tahnée tested several bikes at the end of 2015 and the Transition TR500 - straight out the box - was the only one that instantly had her grinning. I will not say "the bike is faster, the company is awesome" like everyone else but what I will say is that the riders love the bike and the company is full of people that truly love to ride bikes - all bikes. This love gives them the ability to build the bikes everyone wants to ride.

The 'stoke' factor is mutual and long may it continue!." -
Tony Seagrave / Transition Factory Racing


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Continuing FMD's development heritage the team consists of two programs; World Cup and Development. Tahnée Seagrave and Neil Stewart make up the Transition Factory World Cup Racing roster. While Kaos Seagrave, Joe Parfitt and Jamie Edmonson comprise the Transition / FMD Development Racing roster.