great weather, serious descents and lung busting ups. Hosted by Santa Cruz Bicycles, their presence was not only known, but welcome! At checkpoint 2 Santa Cruz reps provided desperately enjoyed cool off sprays and cold compresses and made sure the stoke was high.


  • Distance: 40.3 km
  • Elevation: 1,600 m
  • Timed Descent: 2 km 272 m


Full results:


Mechanical Moments.

Today, we saw everything from trashed seats, tweaked gears to broken chainstays. The trails were fun, but gnarly and hard on the bikes. Nanaimo's Marc Allison saw a miracle happen after the chainstay on his Ritchey hardtail snapped. Singletrack 6 Ambassador Gary Brown and a couple of other handy helpers came together to rig a temporary fix that got Marc back on his bike. And believe it or not, he finished the stage on the repair!

"Sometimes, I felt movement but it was good enough to go for a drop - and it held; I still can't believe it!" he laughed. "I will be grabbing a rental to finish off ST3 though."

Grit, Soul and Accomplishments

We know a lot of people use Singletrack 6 as a marker for goals. With more than 18 countries joining us, and riders from across our own country, we see a wide diversity of the types of goals, as far from everyone wants to cross the finish line in the top three.

Marc Landry (of ridingfeelsgood.com out of Ontario) is one of the many who's worked hard every day since Jan 1 with a goal of making the dream of Singletrack 6 a reality. Santa Cruz's Super Hero of Stoke, Matt Morrish of Toronto, has seen the effort Marc's put in to prep and explained, "He's the guy who's given his all to prep. His sleep, eating, training... you name it... everything... every bit of heart and soul has motivated him to get ready. Today's not just Stage 1; it's one man's genuine celebration of making it real."