We’re all Gringos strangers to each other or to a place, at this precise moment or in your entire life.

All of our Urge BP ambassadors are Gringos, different, unique, but united by some common valors.

Champions, past champions, future champions or simply passionate riders, super fit or so so, young or not that young anymore, famous or discreet, they are Human diversity riding off-road bikes wandering in the middle of nature with pleasure, love and respect.

Every one of them is looking forward for a better future, where, we hope, Man will find a way to stop being too often a toxic element for the planet and biodiversity.

This week, we'd like to introduce you to the last 3 Gringo's of this webserie. Fabien Barel, Fred Glo, and Youn Deniaud.

This multiple UCI World Champion needs no introduction. Everything else you need to know about Fabien is here !

Fred Glo is the creator and associated manager of Tribe Sport Group since 1996. Creator un associated manager of Urge bp and Brake Authority since 2008. Founder of the Tribe 10000 in 2003 and the French Enduro Series in 2005. Founder and associated manager of the Enduro World Series since 2013. Initial creator and active member of Mountain Bikers Foundation since 2008. Mountain biker (since 1987), Graveler, 'Super Skieur', Trailer, traveler and Trail builder.

Youn Deniaud is the rising star of the Enduro World Series. Best privateer rider of the 2018 season with a Top 10 position, he was rewarded with the breakthrough trophy of the year. A very talented and fast young gun that you will, for sure, see in the Top 3 in the upcoming years!